Robby joined our adventures guides 8years ago. He was determined to be one of the best and that’s who he is today. Robby has a passion for wildlife and is so kind with children. This makes him one of the best guides to go out on an adventure with Family Groups.

Fluent in English.

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Rajab is an integral part of  our team, he is key to ensuring we take pride in our work and making sure everyone’s wildest dream comes true.

Fluent in English

In his spare time Rajab has a curious mind, he finds time studying anthropology to understand what makes humans tick. He is a compassionate person caring for the vulnerable in his local community by taking interest in everyone, young or old.

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He is one of the guides that will not rest until you’re satisfied, Nelson will go an extra mile to see that your thirst for wildlife is quenched. He is one that will make an extra effort to understand your interest in wildlife making sure you get the most unexpected out of your Safari.

Fluent in English and Spanish

When not working, Aman thrives on being gracious host to his friends and family. He spends his personal time entertaining and discovering fun ways of keeping his audience engaged, fed and merry.

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John love natures and outdoors activities. Safari guiding is not just a job for him but a passion as well. He is an avid mountain climber with knowledge of Tanzania’s rough terrain and most inspiring and perhaps daring adrenaline pumping sports the country has to offer.

Fluent in German

John’s passion for outdoors means he spends his ‘down time’ fishing or swimming with family and friends. Anything that keeps him outside including a game of amateur golf will get John up on a Sunday morning!

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Raymond joined the team as the Spanish Group leader 15 years ago when he began working in the industry. Experience and knowledge from traveling to different conservation locations around the world made him fall in love with the Tanzanian wildlife in particular, which makes him eager to show the difference of what Tanzania has to offer

Fluent in English and Spanish

The Spanish in Raymond, makes him passionate for the Mediterranean cuisine. When Ray is not working, he spends time discovering the next best recipe to use to cook up a storm, from Paella to making Spanish inspired cocktails. He is at home in an apron relaxing with family any chance he gets.

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Has worked for nine 8 years in the safari industry, and previously worked as a mechanic in the bush before working full time as a guide. Keneddy is passionate about making guests happy and likes nature in general.


Godlove as his name suggests, loves all creatures large and small. He excels at engaging with family and friends at whatever level as he is adaptable and easy going. While he makes time for everyone he equally enjoys a quiet time relaxing with a good read.

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